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Dumpling Munch-Freshly Made with Love 💖

Our dumplings are freshly made and quick frozen in our five star rated on site commercial kitchen. We use the freshest ingredients from local and imported sources to ensure our products are the best they can be. Our dumpling menu is inspired by the food of my hometown Hulunbeier which is located in Northern China on the border with Mongolia. Our diet in that region unlike Southern and central China is Wheat not rice based. Dumplings, Steamed Buns and breads are featured heavily in our cuisine. In markets and street food stalls you will find a wonderful range of dumplings (steamed, pot-stickers(fried &steamed), in soup) Adults and children love these tasty nutritious bites encased in wheat dough wrappers. 

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We currently have five delicious flavours in our range:


🥟       Pork & Chinese Leaf

🥟       Beef & Onion   

🥟       Prawn & Courgette

🥟       Chicken & Sweetcorn

🥟       Shitake Mushroom & Pak Choi

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Easy to cook from frozen in just 10 minites

All you need is:


A frying pan with a well-fitting lid

Some vegetable oil (optional – click below)



Full instructions and different ways to cook and serve our dumplings

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