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Our Story

Dumplings are part of my culinary heritage so as a mother of three young children I took inspiration from the foods I loved growing up and still eat today. Dumplings are an extremely popular food as they are quick to cook, nutritious (fillings always include meat and vegetables) and are versatile. They can be eaten as a snack or as part of a bigger range of dishes.


When I had children, I started to make dumplings in big batches and freeze them. My kids always wanted something different and were not keen on vegetables, but they would eat them if they were in the dumplings. When they had friends’ home from school they always asked for my dumplings. I also served these when we were entertaining and soon I had many people asking if they could buy them and the idea for my business was born.


As a producer I have stuck to the same principles when cooking for my children (healthy, nutritious and natural) . The only difference is now I make them in my professional catering kitchen and can guarantee top product quality. We have been rated 5 for hygiene (excellent) by Guildford Borough Council.


Our foods taste great, as each flavour for sale has the seal of approval from my kids and our neighbours & friends.


Our foods do not contain any preservatives or stabilisers just the same ingredients you would expect to find in any Asian Kitchen.


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